Boston maçında Miami hücum setleri
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  • Frame 1: Lebron(1) dribble enters the ball towards the left wing. Miller(3) cuts baseline to strongside corner. Wade(2) zippers to the top of the key and receives pass from Lebron(1). Lebron(1) then slices off Battier(4) and Anthony(5) to right wing.
  • Frame 2: Anthony(5) sets a high ball screen for Wade(2) and then rolls hard to the rim. Wade(2) comes off the pick and finishes with a floater in the lane.

Boston maçında Miami çabuk atış oyunu

Eastern Conference Finals. The Heat use heavy action on one side of the court to isolate James on the weakside for a backdoor cut and easy score.

  • Frame 1: Wade dribble enters to right wing. Anthony rolls to ballside post, while Chalmers takes defender to corner.
  • Frame 2: Chalmers takes dribble handoff from Wade and continues to top with Battier setting a ball screen on whichever defender comes out of handoff. James sets up defender, then cuts back door. Chalmers hits James for a dunk.

Miami kenar oyunu..

Eastern Conference Final Game 6 win with 2.1 seconds on the clock. Use this sideline out of bounds set to give your team multiple options with a short clock.

  • Frame 1: James (LBJ) screens for Wade (DW) to top of key to receive inbound pass. Jones (JJ) sets up a screen the screener for James.
  • Frame 2: Bosh (CB) is pinning his defender out so LBJ could use the screen from JJ if the inbound pass over the top is open, otherwise he turns the screen around into a flare for JJ. DW can hit JJ for a 3 or create his own shot.

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