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VIDEO/Baskılı Savunmalarda İkili Sıkıştırmalar (Double Team) ve Takım Rotasyonu

Gerek baskılı adam adama preste,gerekse baskılı alan savunmalarında top süren oyuncuya (bazen pas alan oyunculara) yeri ve zamanı geldiğinde double team denilen ikili sıkıştırmalar uygulanır..Bu ikili sıkıştırmalar uygulanırken en yakın oyuncular ikili sıkıştırmaya giden oyuncunun adamına pas arasına girer,diğer oyuncular da oyunu izleyip kaymalarla takım rotasyonlarına girerler..İşte double team uygulamaları ve takım rotasyonları ile ilgili teknikleri içeren videolar..

Basic setup – the triangle/Rakibin yıldız oyuncularına ikili sıkıştırma savunması

We are using both man-to-man and zone principles. We assign our best perimeter defender to guard the “star”, and stay on him/her all the time everywhere, containing, denying and he/she will not come off the star to give help. If the defense uses two low post players, we will set up in a triangle (formed by X3, X4 and X5) as seen in diagram A. X3 will locate at the top half of the free-throw circle, our “point defender”. X2 and X3 will rotate in and out of the point position and will help double-team the star.

Triangle defense

The star is the point guard/Rakibin yıldız oyuncusu point guard ise..

How we start the defense depends on whether the star player dribbles the ball across half-court, or whether he/she gets the pass instead. In diagram A, X1 is assigned to the star. As the star dribbles across half court, X2 sprints up to double-team immediately. Usually this causes the star to give up the ball and pass to a wing. X3 takes the first pass out of the double-team and closes-out. X2 then immediately drops into the point position. X1 stays on the star and denies the pass back. In diagram B, X3 takes the pass to O3 and X2 drops to the point. On the skip pass to the opposite wing (diagram C), X2 now takes the pass, and X3 drops back to the point. X1 is always denying. Notice also that our post defenders are using our basic man-to-man principles inside with the weakside post defender in helpside.

Triangle defense

No matter how good your star defender is, the ball will get back to the star. In diagram E, the pass goes back to the star. The point defender X3 sprints to double-team and X2 drops to the point. If the star is able to dribble out of the double-team and tries to penetrate (diagram F), our point defender will be the next line of defense. In this case, the point defender X2 will become the star defender (switches with X1), and X1 and X3 will fan out to the other two wing players, who may be spotting up for a three-point shot.

The star is a wing player/Yıldız oyuncu forvet ise..

Now let’s look at the star being more of a wing player, and not the primary ball-handler. The star does not dribble across half-court, but instead looks for the pass to the wing. In diagram G, X2 is assigned to the star and will try to deny that pass. We do not double O1 as the ball comes across half-court. If the ball is passed to the star, X1 goes to double (diagram H). The point defender X3 will take the next pass from the star, and X1 will drop to the point. X2 continues to deny the star. X1 and X3 move in and out of the point position as the ball moves.

Triangle defense

Run and Jump Defense

When used judiciously and taught well, the run and jump is one of the best tools at a coach’s disposal for disrupting tempo, creating confusion, and putting the opponent on their heels.

Trap Sideline:

On the inbounds, you’ll even notice that they’ll face guard and double the primary ball handler. Anything to make it more difficult to get the ball in. Once the ball is inbounded, X1 plays M2M. The ideal is to force baseline, then X2 pretends to run down along with O2, but v-cuts hard and doubles O1,

If the ball-handler is able to dribble out (shouldn’t if it’s a good trap), continue to double-team and force a turnover. That’s what VCU does, both X1 and X2 trail and force the re-trap after crossing half,

Middle Trap:

Well, it’s kind of a half-trap because without the sideline, you can’t true trap and box in. Nonetheless, if the ball handler goes middle, X2 can still v-cut back. Also, notice how the other 3 defenders zone up to cover the backside,

Traditional Trap:

Here is your run of the mill full court trap, out of a M2M defense. X1 guides the dribbler towards the trap, X2 leaves his defender to trap O1. X3 splits O2 and O3 looking to intercept a lob pass,

Jump Switch:

The jump switch is a simple option you can add to change up your pressure defense. Works especially well after you’ve run a few traps and the offense has attempted to adjust by anticipating where the traps are coming from. As O1 dribbles toward the sideline, X2 runs at O1. Instead of the trap, X1 switches onto O2 leaving O1. The idea here is that O1 is anticipating the trap picking up the dribble to pass to O2. In doing so, X2 runs hard at O1 and gets into chest-to-chest hands-high position after O1 picks up the dribble. X1 is in hard denial looking to pickoff a bad pass. X3 and any other defender one pass away is also in hard denial,

If O1 manages to keep the dribble, X2 must continue ball pressure, but that is why it is essential for X2 to run at O1 under control. The jump switch can be re-run again.

Hedge (Fake Switch):

Another simple adjustment is to add a hedge or fake switch. The idea is for X2 to come at the dribbler like it is a trap or switch. The idea, like the switch, is to induce O1 to pick up the dribble to pass. Once X2 hedges, anticipates O1 picking up the dribble, X2 then recovers back to O2. O1 then gets chest-to-chest with high-hands making it very difficult for O1 to make a pass. All defenders one pass away are in hard denial,

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